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The California Elections Code Book contains the list of state laws which govern our elections. DFM has been publishing the California Elections code since 1977. 

NOTE: The 2018 edition of the California Elections Code will be available for shipping in early February 2018. Orders are currently being accepted.

Two formats are available: a paperback version and a looseleaf version. A limited supply is available, so order early to ensure availability.


Please follow the simple steps outlined below:
  • Download an order form from the right.
  • Open the Elections Code Order Form and indicate the quantity of items desired on the form. 
  • Indicate total cost, applicable sales tax and total amount enclosed.  
  • A check payment or purchase order is required to initiate an order.  
  • We are not able to accept credit cards.  
  • Please send the order form and payment or purchase order to the address on the form.

Below are descriptions of the various California Elections Code items.

Paperback Version

The new edition is available in the standard 5-1/4" X 8-3/8" PAPERBACK version at $50.00 each (add applicable sales tax).

Plastic Covers

Crystal-Shield clear plastic book covers are available for the above paperback version at $1.75 each (add applicable sales tax for each cover ordered).

Loose Leaf Version

The new edition is also available in a 5-1/4" X 8-3/8" LOOSE-LEAF version which is ENTIRELY REPRINTED each year thereby eliminating the need to file in update pages. The loose-leaf version is available at $50.00 each (plus applicable tax and shipping). THREE RING BINDER IS NOT INCLUDED. K & M binder F38-2, available at your local stationers, is the appropriate binder for the publication. These binders are also available through DFM Associates.

Three Ring Binders

Vinyl binders for the loose-leaf version are $13.50 each (plus applicable tax).

2018 California Elections Code Prices
Description Price
2018 Paperback version Sold Out
Plastic Book Cover $1.75
2018 Loose-Leaf version $50.00
Three-Ring Vinyl Binder $13.50
Prices include shipping

Download order form below:

2018 Order Form (PDF)

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