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Passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) put a ticking clock underneath every states' chief elections office.  Capitol Voter manages the flow of registrant information between the state and local elections offices using proven Microsoft technologies.  At the state level, Capitol Voter provides instant cross checking of registrant information against the required state agencies for the removal of ineligible, duplicate, and fraudulent voter.

Capitol Voter provides a fully automated, interactive voter registration database that will streamline and standardize the state's voter registration and maintenance process.

Centralized Voter Management
Manages the master list of Active and Inactive registrants for the state,
  including Voter's Voting History.  Below is a partial list of features:

Voter List Maintenance
  Capitol Voter provides an easy way for users to maintain and update the Centralized
  Voter database. Additional list maintenace features include:

   q National Change of Address (NCOA)


   q Duplicate Voter removal

   q Voting History Update 

   q Imaging of Registrant Applications, Signatures & Supporting Documents

   q National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Reporting

Capitol Voter can produce a variety of Reports, Correspondencs, & File Extracts including:

   q Voter Notification Cards
   q Voter ID Cards

   q First-time Federal Voter ID request letters

   q NVRA Required Third Party Change of Address postcards

   q Full NVRA reporting with Statistics

   q Voter Indexes

   q Voter extracts for campaigns and other legally qualified recipeints

   q Rosters/Poll Books

State Agencies
  Capitol Voter provides seamless interfaces for maintaining the Centralized Voter Database with the
  required state agencies as mandated by the "Help America Vote Act." They include:

   q Department of Health (Deceased List)

   q Felon Match

   q Department of Motor Vehicles

   q Social Security Agency via Department of Motor Vehicles

Local Elections Offices

  Data entry occurs at the local elections office but can also take place at the State level if desired.

   q Voters are assigned a Unique ID according to HAVA requirements

   q Alerts the user when a voter is already on the Centralized Voter database and guides the user
        through updating the Voter information.

   q First-time Voters are tracked for requesting ID during Federal Elections

The DFM Associates HAVA solution is built on unmatched election industry expertise, proven
methodologies and superior integration technology. Built-in support for multiple agency data integration and local election office interfaces bring your state up to HAVA compliance while streamlining the entire voter registration process.

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