"DFM's EIMS application has exceeded our expectations. Their outstanding 24/7 client support is consistently available; and no one could ask for a more supportive business partner in this intensive deadline-driven profession."

- Mischelle Townsend,
Registrar of Voters, Riverside County California.


"The Mohave County Voter Registration Office is proud to work with DFM to make the voter registration application user friendly. We take great pride in being the first county in Arizona to deploy DFM's EIMS voter registration system and are very pleased with the performance of the system."

- Bob Bartelsmeyer,
Voter Registration Supervisor, Mohave County Arizona.




...an intelligent solution to election management.

EIMS is a second-generation product developed specifically for County Elections Officials.

The best answer to Voter Registration and Election Management, EIMS uses the latest in Graphical User Interface (GUI) techniques allowing  users to easily navigate between the different modules, screens and reports.

   Affidavit and Signature images, as well as  miscellaneous document and photo images 
   are completely integrated within the system and are available for viewing wherever needed
   throughout the application. 

   In addition, many processes make use of wizards to help the user through a difficult task. Designed    and built to take advantage of Microsoft Windows, EIMS delivers a powerful, flexible, and scalable    Election Information Management application. It is also designed to work seamlessly with popular    Microsoft products such as Word and Excel. Because of this integration, EIMS is a unique,    industry leading, Election Information Management Package.

   EIMS has the following outstanding features that separate it from other Election Information    Management Systems:

   q Tightly integrated with a Post Office Address Standardization package that provides immediate         address standardization feedback to match the Post Office mailing standards.

 q Highly customized Imaging interface application developed in-house that stores images         directly into the Microsoft SQL Server database for easy retrieval and management. This allows         for images to be viewed directly within the application where necessary without additional         keystrokes.

 q Precincting is done on-the-fly. No large batch processing of precincting modifications is         necessary. Our unique database structure provides automatic re-precincting on precinct         boundary changes, precinct splits, and precinct joins.

 q Our Election Workspace Module allows the processing of multiple elections at once without         interference. It does this by taking a snapshot of the master files         (Voter/Districts/Precincts/Polling Places/Officers) and working from this election specific copy for         each election. The Election Workspace automates the process of ballot typing (ballot styles),         precinct consolidation and ballot order functions.

 q   Provides Ballot Layout processes for those counties desiring camera ready ballot pages.

 q   Our unique presentation of complex election data makes learning and using EIMS fast and fun.         All screens are consistent in operation making training easier.

 q   World-class support that provides users with immediate access to DFM Associates application         support team.

    EIMS uses a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) to present data. All screens operate consistently     with all data navigation on the left side of screens and detail data shown on the right-hand side of     screens. Toolbar buttons and menus are consistent throughout the system. Multiple screens from     multiple modules may be displayed on screen at the same time to increase productivity. This     consistency in design assists users in learning how to navigate and work within the application much     easier.

    Our extensive experience in providing Elections Systems in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Illinois     coupled with dedicated staff, has allowed us to build the best possible solution to meet your election     information management needs. In doing so, we have utilized the latest and most robust technology     available.



The best answer to Election Information Management, EIMS is a robust, industry leading Election Information Management software solution that delivers a flexible, continually evolving, state-of-the-art elections product.

EIMS was designed and built using the Microsoft suite of database and software development products.

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