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Past Events


Here are a few of the recent events we have attended:  

    RiiMS 2009 User Group Luncheon Meeting
     December 9th, 2009
     Sacramento, CA - Hyatt Regency

    2009 CRAC/CACEO New Law Conference
     December 7-11, 2009
     Sacramento, CA

    Illinois Counties - EIMS User Group Luncheon Meeting
     October 14th, 2009
     DuPage County, IL

    Illinois Counties - IACCR Fall 2009 Conference
     September 16-17, 2009
     Springfield, IL - Chateau Hotel & Conference Center

    Washington State Auditors 2009 Elections Conference
     May 4-6, 2009
     Grand Mound, WA (Great Wolf Lodge)

    Washington Counties - EIMS User Group Luncheon Meeting
     April 29th, 2009
     Seattle, WA (Marriott Seattle Airport)

    California Counties - EIMS ICR Roundtable Meeting
     March 18th, 2009
     Santa Clara, CA

    California Counties - EIMS 2008 User Group Luncheon Meeting
     December 9th, 2008
     Sacramento, CA - Hyatt Regency

    RiiMS 2008 User Group Luncheon Meeting
     December 8th, 2008
     Sacramento, CA - Hyatt Regency

    2008 CRAC Conference
     September 2008
     San Francisco, CA (Fisherman's Wharf)

    2008 CACEO Summer Conference
     July 2008
     Long Beach Hilton, CA

    2008 Washington State Elections Conference
     June 2008
     Richland, WA (Benton County)

    2008 AECOI Elections Conference
     May 2008
     Springfield, IL

    2007 CRAC/CACEO New Law Conference
     December 2007
     Hyatt Sacramento, CA

    2007 WA Counties - EIMS User Group Meeting Luncheon
     May 17, 2007
     Holiday Inn Seatle/SeaTac Airport

    2007 California - RiiMS User Group Meeting Luncheon
     March 2007
     Irvine Office

    2005 Elections Center Annual Conference
     Beverly Hilton Hotel
     Beverly Hills, CA

    2005 CACEO Summer Conference
     Rohnert Park, CA

    2005 IACREOT 34th Annual Conference
     New York, New York   

    Poll Place / Election Officer Training
     Sacramento County Elections Office
     Sacramento, CA

    Washington State Association of County Auditors
     2005 Election Conference
     Ocean Shores, Washington

    2005 Illinois Association of County Officials
     April 23rd - 26th 2005



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