We feature the linking of document index names (grantor/grantee/index items) to speed-up data entry time.


Easily manage products by department and link them to their respective charge accounts.

Capable of assigning any type of product to a document title to increase indexing efficiency.

Document titles can be assigned a difficulty level that provides the appropriate document workflow based on the staffs abilities.

Customize reports and create groups of reports that can then be launched daily on an
automated schedule.


This next generation product is a comprehensive and complex integrated suite of document recording and imaging tools aimed at County Recorders looking to streamline and improve office workflow. The application offers many new features and functionalities including an intuitive Cashiering screen that can process all transactions regardless of product type (Official Record, Vitals and other products).

And a new RiiMS™ ScanStation application makes the scanning of documents easier than ever. The latest release of RiiMS™ introduces a new era in DFM Associates commitment to progress for the County Recorder.

Features include:

   q Manage the workflow of documents during all phases of document recording including: 
        cashiering, scanning, and indexing.

   q Endorsements are printed directly on the Document to be recorded. Optionally include Bar Code
        of Document Number.

   q Accept multiple payments for a single transaction.

   q Receipts are easily customized. Counties can setup their own headings and ending salutations.

   q Superior workflow when indexing documents from Image. Users can optionally key verify easily         and efficiently.

   q Extensive Customer Billing and Accounts Receivable functions and features.

   q User customized integrated Security.

The RiiMS™ ScanStation application provides users with an integrated scanning solution. The application provides users greater ease of use, enhanced productivity, additional information capture, higher security and greater flexibility.

   q The RiiMS™ ScanStation utilizes the latest in imaging technology that is custom tailored to the
        Recorders Office.

   q Scan a stack of documents and the system automatically detects page size and blank pages.

   q The user interface provides for an auto match of cashiered documents to the appropriate
        scanned image. Colored icons identify the documents that have been automatically matched
        correctly as well as marking documents that may have been cashiered incorrectly (such as
        incorrect page count).

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