DFM Associates is a leading provider of enterprise-level Voter Registration and Election Management software solutions.
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RiiMS™ is a comprehensive and complex integrated suite of document recording and imaging tools aimed at County Recorders looking for streamlined and improved office workflow.
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Why DFM Associates Software?

DFM Associates Software Solutions have contributed to successful elections and document recordings  for over 35 years.  Our experience and depth of knowledge in the Elections and Recorders business is unsurpassed.  Customers turn to us for industry expertise and assistance in solving the most challenging problems facing them today.  We help counties meet compliance deadlines, and provide rapid returns on technology investments.
Here's why:

   q     Easy to install and the methodology and tools work in almost any environment

   q     Best-of-breed customer service according to industry surveys

   q     The most powerful solution for data that goes beyond the basics.  Our software features                 workflow and imaging to get work done quickly and accurately

   q     The best client support infrastructure for our software solutions including user group                 meetings and frequent training seminars

With DFM Associates Software Solutions, you can be confident knowing your county has the best in the business making sense of your Election and Recorder data.


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