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DFM Associates

Intelligent Software Solutions with a Proven Reputation.

DFM Associates is well known for its industry expertise and its successful vertical approach. We have over 40 years of experience solving the most challenging integration problems, helping counties meet compliance deadlines and providing rapid returns on technology investments.

We offer full Election Management and Recorder Management software solutions as well as computer hardware support to save you time and effort and realize greater efficiencies and productivity.



The best answer to Election Information Management, EIMS® is a robust, industry leading Election Information Management software solution that delivers a flexible, continually evolving, state-of-the-art elections product.



Now in full production, the next generation of RiiMS™, our Recorders information & imaging Management Solution is a comprehensive and integrated suite of document recording and imaging tools aimed at the County Recorder looking to streamline and improve office workflow.



We have published the California Elections code since 1977. Two formats are available, paperback version and looseleaf version. Find out more and place an order.

Why choose DFM Associates as your partner…

We’re on a mission to re-invent Elections Management. Our expert team builds and manages sophistical election management software to help your county reach your goals. We use technology to give counties world-class service that ensures a solid and secure system you can count on.

Established and proven Recorder’s Management system ensures your county can conduct business in a cost efficient manner. Our Recorder’s software suite includes integration with all CA e-Recording portals and also supports Vitals data management.

If you’re looking to find out more about what we can do for you, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to explain why we think we are the best people to help you get the best Election Management system out there. The key word is ‘people‘. We use clever technology and design to do what we do, but it would be nothing without the experts behind the scenes.