Election Information Management Software Solution




The new standard in Voter Registration and Election Management.

The initial version of EIMS® was released over 42 years ago and was installed in Riverside County CA. Since its inception, EIMS® has matured into an incredibly robust and stable system and is currently in transition into the fourth generation of this product. EIMS® is currently used in 48 counties in two states. EIMS® users represent a diverse range of communities and sizes from rural to suburban and with a range of 800 to 1.7 million active registered voters. 

The breadth of functionality provided by EIMS® exceeds many of the requirements of county elections departments. The installation of EIMS® will provide your county with a powerful tool supported by an intelligent and dedicated team ready to meet the demands of future election mandates and challenges!

EIMS® is a COMPLETE software system suite incorporating an intuitive user experience that simplifies the intricacies of the business processes it supports. This ensures that EIMS® delivers a powerful, flexible, and scalable Election Information Management application for county election officials.

The best answer to Election Information Management, EIMS® is a robust, industry leading Election Information Management software solution that delivers a flexible, continually evolving, state-of-the-art elections product.

EIMS® has the following outstanding features that separate it from other Election Information Management Systems:

A robust Vote-by-Mail module that provides a comprehensive ballot audit trail for all Issued, Received, Returned and Challenged ballots. Outreach to voters with challenged ballot envelopes via letter, calling, emailing can be automated and tracked. Supports county customized workflow statuses, Issue/Return locations, UOCAVA and other participating program voters for mass ballot Issuance. Plus the module supports integration with ALL Mail Processing and Ballot On Demand vendors including envelope/signature image viewing.


Highly customized Imaging interface application developed in-house that stores images directly into the Microsoft SQL Server database for easy retrieval and management. Numerous signature and registration images can be stored for a single voter, and any number of Supporting Document images can be stored.

Customized Address Parser provides immediate automated Precinct assignment during data entry and maintenance activities. Our unique database structure provides automatic re-precincting on precinct boundary changes, precinct splits, and precinct joins. EIMS® will ensure that major district lines are not crossed, that precincts are not assigned to more than one type of district, and can even report on precincts missing a specific district type. GIS data import/exports are available for sharing and sychronizing street data between the Elections Division and County GIS systems.


Our Election Workspace Module allows the processing of multiple elections at once without interference.  The Election Workspace automates the process of Contest Drafting, Ballot Typing (ballot styles), precinct consolidation and ballot order functions.

Statewide Voter Registration database integration is virtually transparent to the User. Fast, immediate and non-intrusive to the User experience during daily voter registration tasks, we have worked hard to make statewide integration easy and accurate. We value our partnerships with state voter registration teams! 

Our unique presentation of complex election data makes learning and using EIMS® fast and fun. All screens are consistent in operation making training easier.

World-class support that provides users with immediate access to DFM Associates application support team.

EIMS® was designed and built using the Microsoft suite of database and software development products

EIMS® uses a clear and simple method to present data to Users. All screens operate consistently with all data navigation on the left side of screens and detail data shown on the right-hand side of screens. Action buttons and menus are consistent throughout the system. Multiple screens from multiple modules may be displayed on screen at the same time to increase productivity. This consistency in design assists users in learning how to navigate and work within the application much easier.

Our extensive experience in providing Elections Systems in California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington and Illinois coupled with dedicated staff, has allowed us to build the best possible solution to meet your election information management needs. In doing so, we have utilized the latest and most robust technology available.

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