California Elections Code

List of State Laws that Govern Our Elections



California Elections Code

The California Elections Code Book contains the list of state laws which govern our elections. 
DFM has been publishing the California Elections code since 1977.

Two formats are available: a paperback version and a loose-leaf version.
A limited supply is available, so order early to ensure availability.

Plastic Covers

Clear plastic book covers are available for the paperback version at $2.00 each. 

Paperback Version

The new edition is available in the standard 5-1/4″ X 8-3/8″
$55.00 each.

Loose-Leaf Version

The new edition is also available in a 5-1/4″ X 8-3/8″ LOOSE-LEAF version which is ENTIRELY REPRINTED each year thereby eliminating the need to file in update pages.
$55.00 each.

Three Ring Vinyl Binders

Vinyl binders for the loose-leaf version are $14.00 each.

Applicable sales tax will be added to all published prices.
Prices include shipping.

Ordering for the 2022 California Elections Code Book will begin Mid-January 2022

Shipments of the 2022 California Elections Code Book will start in February 2022

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Click the PDF order form.

Once open, fill out the form. Be sure you have included the following: SHIP TO, Quantity, Select YOUR County, and finally the 'Individual initiating the order.

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